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Andrea Cordani at the tiller
Time out while living afloat for a few years... now I'm back from a voyage of my own around the canals
narrowboat Willow


Year of build of ships (where known) is shown in brackets.


Additions and changes

20 May 2016

Discussions have been completed. Eicships.info is now part of the threedecks family of naval data sites

02 May 2016

Discussions are in progress about moving material from this website onto other sites. More info in due course.

17 Jan 2016

I have decided not to update this website further. If you are interested in taking it on, or to discuss other options, please contact me at info@eicships.info

29 Jul 2015

Added details for vessels Carlebury (1799), Chambers Frigate (1695), Chance, Charles Mills (1810), Charlotte (1803), Chichester (1795), Childe Harold (1825), Chiswick (1798), Claudine (1811), Clyde (1802), Coldstream (1810), Commodore Hayes (1816), Concord, Convertine, Cornwall (1810), Coromandel, Countess of Sutherland (1800), Coverdale (1795), Crescent (1790), Crown and Cumberland (1802).

21 Jul 2015

Added details for vessels Caernarvon (1755), Caesar (1810), Calcutta (1794), Caledonia (1795), Camden (1799), Canterbury, Carn Brea Castle (1824), Carron (1792), Cartier (1767), Catherine (1819), Cato (1800), Cecilia (1787) and Ceres (1787).

29 Jun 2015

Adapted the eventful voyages pages so the there is a 'more' link. When clicked this takes you straight to the details of that ship, so you don't have to do a separate search.