English East India Company Lost Ships
(vessel names beginning with letter W)

Important note

[Date: September 2003]

This page is from my old website, and information here is incomplete, but may be of some use if you are seeking very basic details.

It will be updated and expanded in due course when the voyages part of the database is finished.

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Walpole 499 Parson Fenner 1762 off Ceylon
Walpole 820   1808 near Margate
Warren Hastings 1200   1806  
Whale 700   1623 30 miles from Surat Roads
William 450   1658 off Manila Port
William Pitt 572   1814 eastward of Algoa Bay
Winchelsea 498   1749 nr Fort St David
Winchelsea 499   1764 on Gaspar San [sic]
Windham 820   1809  
Winterton 771   1792 63 miles north of St Augustinís Bay, 6 miles from mainland
Woodcot 802   1798 Tellicherri Roads