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English East India Company Lost Ships
(vessel names beginning with letter

Important note

[Date: September 2003]

This page is from my old website, and information here is incomplete, but may be of some use if you are seeking very basic details.

It will be updated and expanded in due course when the voyages part of the database is finished.

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Samaritan 453   1615  
Samaritan 250   1659 between Machilipatnam & Narasapur
Sceptre 300 John Rhenniey 1698 at Nash Point
Sherborne 400   1709  
Skelton Castle 584   1806  
Smyrna Merchant 450   1660 Island of Joao da Nova, Primeira Isles, off Mozambique
St George 480   1719 at Bombay
Stafford 804 George Hutchinson 1779 in Bengal River
Streatham 499   1759 Bengal River
Streatham 850   1809  
Success 250   1716 near St Thoma [sic]
Success 400 James Jennifer 1693  
Sun 700   1618 near Enggano Is, off SW Sumatra
Surat Merchant 430 Nathaniel Reynolds 1682  
Sussex 490   1738 Bassas d’India, Mozambique Channel