English East India Company Lost Ships
(vessel names beginning with letter

Important note

[Date: September 2003]

This page is from my old website, and information here is incomplete, but may be of some use if you are seeking very basic details.

It will be updated and expanded in due course when the voyages part of the database is finished.

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Palsgrave 1083   1637 Plymouth Sound
Pelham 480   1737  
Persia Merchant 370 Benjamin Brangwin 1688 at Fort St George
Persia Merchant     1657 nr island of Ingramrudco
Phoenix 400   1710 near Cape Cormorin
Phoenix 380   1679 approx 0.5 km from Pednathise rock
Pigot 765   1794  
Ponsborne 804   1796 off Grenada
President 530 Jonathan Hide 1684 Mount’s Bay, Cornwall
Prince of Denmark 670 Jon Bluwetts 1692 at Bengal
Prince of Orange 495   1745 Anjinga
Prince of Wales 820   1804  
Princess Amelia 498   1746 Madras Roads
Princess Amelia 808   1798 off Pigeon Island, near Cannanore
Princess Charlotte 610   1804 Visigapatam Roads
Princess Louisa 498   1743 on reef near Isle of May
Princess Mary 498   1746 Fort St George, Madras
Princess Royal 805   1793  
Prudent Mary 300 Sam Lake 1684 at Bombay