English East India Company Lost Ships
(vessel names beginning with letter

Important note

[Date: September 2003]

This page is from my old website, and information here is incomplete, but may be of some use if you are seeking very basic details.

It will be updated and expanded in due course when the voyages part of the database is finished.

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Halsewell 758   1786 on Peverill Point
Happy Entrance 240   1670 in Bay of Bengal
Harriet 549   1813 at Calcutta
Hartwell 937   1787 Bonavista Island
Heathcote 498 Jonathan Cape 1747 Straits of Bab al Mandab, nr Al Mukha
Hector 300 William Edwards 1617 off Jakarta
Henry 350   1695 Dingle Bay, Ventry
Henry Addington 1200   1798 Bembridge ledge, Isle of Wight
Herbert 750 Thomas Burton 1690 off Anjouan (Johanna)
Herbert Galley 210   1707  
Hester 350   1704 Lost in Persia
Hillsborough 723   1780  
Hinchinbrooke 528   1783 in Bengal River
Hindostan 1248   1803 Margate Spit, Culvers
Huntingdon 499   1774 sands between Anjouan & Saddle Island