English East India Company Lost Ships
(vessel names beginning with letter

Important note

[Date: September 2003]

This page is from my old website, and information here is incomplete, but may be of some use if you are seeking very basic details.

It will be updated and expanded in due course when the voyages part of the database is finished.

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Ganges 784     1796   
Ganges               1200    1807 off Laccam’s Channel
Gatton 758   1780  
General Barker 758   1781 the coast of Holland
George 500   1673 off reef near Tuticorin
Glory 549   1808  
Gloucester Frigate 450 Phil Browne 1702  
Godfrey 716   1780  
Godolphin 280   1709 island off Bombay
Good Hope  200   1685 Durban Harbour
Gracedieu 320 James Hurwell 1698 in Bengal
Grantham 495   1743 off Folkestone
Grantham    499   1759 off the Cape
Griffin 499   1761 Griffin Rocks, north of Island of Jolo
Grosvenor     729   1782 Tezani River, 20 miles N of Port St Johns