Ship Ceres

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Built Rig Type Tons EIC Service
Crew Guns
1787 Ship Reg 1180 1787-1794 3
Where Built
Date of Launch  
Perry London 28 Nov 1787


      Dimensions & Construction
3 decks, 4in bottom, length 161ft 6in, keel 130ft 5¾in, breadth 41ft 3in, hold 15ft 6½in, wing transom 25ft 1½in, port cell 29ft 2in, waist 3ft 10in, between decks 7ft 11in & 6ft 5in, roundhouse 6ft 3in, ports 14 middle, deck range 86ft 9in

Ship History

1787Launched at Blackwall for Thomas Newte.

1787Taken up for East India Company service.

1793Flotilla captured French vessel Le Franc on 24 Jun 1793.

1793Crew of Ceres took possession of prize.

1794Purchased by the Admiralty and converted to 4th Rate 54 gun ship.

1794Renamed HMS Grampus.

1797Used as a Royal Navy storeship.

1799Set on fire after stranding near Woolwich and became a total loss.

East India Company voyages and captains




Captain's Name

117881789 Thomas Price
117881789 Archibald Connolly
217901791 George Stevens
317931794 George Stevens

Ship Owners

  • Thomas Newte 1787-1794   
  • Admiralty 1794-1799   


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