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Built Rig Type Tons EIC Service
Crew Guns
1810 Ship Cha 626 1832-1833 1
Where Built
Date of Launch  
Wells. Wigram & Green London 1 Sep 1810


      Dimensions & Construction

Ship History

1810Launched at Blackwall for John A. Meaburn

1811Traded to India privately as a licensed ship until 1832.

1832Chartered for a single voyage by the East India Company.

1833Left East India company service and continued as private trader.

1833Wrecked on Grand River Reef. Mauritius. on passage from London to Bengal.

1833Wreck sold for

East India Company voyages and captains




Captain's Name

118321834 Henry Thompson

Ship Owners

  • John A Meaburn 1810-1833   


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