Ship Concord

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Built Rig Type Tons EIC Service
Crew Guns
Unknown Ship 213 1614-1616 1
Where Built
Date of Launch  
Unknown Unknown Unknown


      Dimensions & Construction

Ship History

1614Started its trading voyages for the East India Company.

1616Encountered opposition from the Dutch at Batavia.

1616Scuttled at Batavia.

East India Company voyages and captains




Captain's Name

116141615 Giles Hawkins
116141615 Richard Petty
216151615 Giles Hawkins
216151615 Richard Petty
316161616 Giles Hawkins
316161616 Richard Petty

Ship Owners

There is no information on owners yet.


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  • Jean Sutton, Lords of the East: The East India Company and its Ships 1600-1874, 2000, Conway Maritime Press, 0851777864, p148

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