Ship Countess of Sutherland

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Built Rig Type Tons EIC Service
Crew Guns
1800 Ship ES 1509 1801-1803 2
Where Built
Date of Launch  
Hamilton & Aberdeen Tittaghur 6 Nov 1800


      Dimensions & Construction
3 decks, 5in bottom, length 162ft 6in, keel 127ft 9¾in, breadth 46ft 1in, wing transom 28ft 2in, between decks 6ft 7in & 6ft 11in, roundhouse 6ft 6½in, ports 14 middle & 13 upper, deck range 96ft 8in

Ship History

1800Launched on the River Hooghly for R. Anderson.

1801Arrived at Calcutta 4 Jan 1801 for completion.

1801Taken up as an Extra Ship for East India Company service.

1803Captured by French squadron off Sumatra.

1803Arrived at Mauritius as a prize on 15 Dec 1803.

East India Company voyages and captains




Captain's Name

118011802 Charles Eggleston
218021803 Charles Eggleston

Ship Owners

  • R Anderson 1803   


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  • Rowan Hackman, Ships of the East India Company, 2001, World Ship Society, 0905617967, p229

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