Ship Caledonia

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Built Rig Type Tons EIC Service
Crew Guns
1795 Ship ES 808 1795-1803 3
Where Built
Date of Launch  
Gilmore & Co Calcutta Unknown


      Dimensions & Construction

Ship History

1795Launched at Calcutta by Gilmore & Co for own account.

1795Taken up for East India Company service.

1802Left East India Company service.

1802Sailed for Calcutta and returned to the coastal trade in India.

1803Destroyed by fire on passage from Balasore roads to Bombay.

East India Company voyages and captains




Captain's Name

117961797 Alexander Ballantyne
117961797 Andrew MacRedie
217971800 George Thomas
217971800 Andrew MacRedie
318001802 George Thomas
318001802 Andrew MacRedie

Ship Owners

  • Gilmore & Co 1795-1803 Was also the shipbuilder  


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  • Rowan Hackman, Ships of the East India Company, 2001, World Ship Society, 0905617967, p226

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